English Language Acquisition for Non-Native Speakers (online)

JUNE 24 - JULY 15, 2021

The English Language Acquisition (ELA) for Non-Native Speakers program builds on the student’s prior knowledge of English while providing a holistic and constructive approach to new language learning. The objective of ELA courses is to reach proficiency in English, accelerate academic achievement, and empower English Language Learners to build skills for a variety of purposes. English is taught and reinforced in all four domains of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, while a strong emphasis is placed on enriching vocabulary knowledge and grammar capacities. Students are placed in each course according to their background and English language proficiency. Upon course registration, all students will be placed according to language level assessment results.

Our courses are designed based on the Quality Matters® benchmarks and standards for online K-12 education as well as the Community of Inquiry® framework.

The cost of each course is 300€. A student can enroll in up to two courses.
Please note that each course will require a minimum of three registered students.

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