Incubator of Students' Creative ideas (ISCI)

Where imagination shapes reality

The Incubator of Students’ Creative Ideas (ISCI), is a student-run initiative, designed to facilitate and organize “learning projects.” Participation in these learning projects allows students to take control of their own learning, by giving them the chance to choose what they would like to learn, how they want to learn it, and ultimately decide in what way they wish to apply the knowledge they have acquired in order to produce something meaningful for themselves and their community.

The ISCI’s Vision: Students function as architects of their own learning as they pursue, fund and support their intellectual curiosities.

The ISCI’s Mission: The ISCI is a student-centered, student-led, student-run, project-based learning initiative using the design process to promote, support and guide students’ creative ideas in all disciplines.

The ISCI Council members:

Faculty, students and parents may address a question to the ISCI council, as well as Ms. MaryAnn Augoustatos, Mentor to the ISCI and Director of the Learning Commons.

Grade 8

  • Alexia Terezaki
  • Phaedra Macdonald
  • Vasiliki Drakou

Grade 9

  • Ioanna Pantazi
  • Sydney Pina
  • Andrianos Botsios
  • Charilaos Harry Doukas
  • Eva Giannaki
  • Hasib Sabbagh
  • Kathleen Morris

Grade 10

  • Elena Kaskaveli
  • Olianna Olympia Ioanna Dimitropoulou
  • Matilda Maria Beligianni
  • Ismini Saranti

Grade 11

  • Dimitrios Skikos

Grade 12

  • Ann Marie Martinou
  • Thisseas Kambouroglou
  • Yarici Ali
  • Yi Rui Wang

The ISCI offers support to all Middle School and Academy students. Services offered by the ISCI:

  • The opportunity to explore intellectual curiosities
  • Project Based Learning
  • After School Assistance Program (ASSAP)- Students helping students
  • Workshops on a variety of topics (Arduino, 3D printing, start-ups, Entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Summits at ACS Athens and other schools
  • Assistance with research or other school  projects
  • Possible funding for endeavors
  • Study groups
  • And more...