It's an experience

ACS Athens is K-12 American international school developing global citizens. ACS Athens is located in a suburb of Athens and minutes away from Classical Athens and the birthplace of Western Civilization. The educational philosophy is based on the American curriculum, principles, and values, and the language of instruction is English, though Greek is also taught as a second language.

With a diverse student body of over 60 different nationalities, our students interact with a kaleidoscope of mindsets, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds, giving them a unique international profile that is coveted by top colleges and universities around the world. The friendships that are forged with peers and faculty last well beyond their years at ACS Athens, as many of our alumni will attest to. 

Authentic ACS Athens courses, both in content and delivery, prepare K-12 students to achieve excellence as ACS Athens graduates, including the IB program, AP courses, ACS Athens Virtual Courses, or some College courses. With the completion of their studies, students receive an American Diploma but also have the option of receiving the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Furthermore, they can take Advanced Placement courses as well as additional courses to receive the Greek equivalency diploma (Απολυτήριο).

At ACS Athens, we believe in being “reflective practitioners.” This means that our faculty is continuously learning and improving. The challenge today is to guide students to think critically about the information they have access to, to effectively synthesize new information, and efficiently apply it to succeed.

We are ACS Athens and Conscious Citizenship is what we strive towards. A conscious citizen is one who places value on being fully human while connecting with a higher purpose; one who values human life and the relationship with all living things, and takes responsibility for transforming skill into action, through ethical decision making, to ultimately improve life and living on the planet.