It's an experience

ACS Athens is K-12 American international school developing global citizens. ACS Athens is located in a suburb of Athens and right in the heart of the Greek civilization and culture. The educational philosophy is based on the American curriculum, principles and values, and the language of instruction is English, though Greek is also taught as a second language.

Our students pride themselves for being able to feel at home anywhere in the world after attending ACS Athens because they have access to young people from so many different nationalities, mindsets and beliefs, and they come together under one roof where they develop lifelong relationships. Upon graduation, students receive an American Diploma but also have the choice to receive a second diploma; the International Baccalaureate. Furthermore they can take Advanced Placement courses as well as additional courses to receive the Greek equivalency diploma (Απολυτήριο).

Our faculty is mostly American trained with solid academic credentials and long experience. Upon graduation, about half of our students attend universities in the United States; others will go to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or anywhere else in the world where they can study in English.

At ACS Athens we believe in being "reflective practitioners". This means that our faculty is continuously learning and improving. Learning took place with no disruption during the COVID-19 lockdown and would not be possible without faculty that is comfortable with online teaching and continuous change.

The challenge today, is to guide students to critically think about the information they have access to, to effectively synthesize new information and to efficiently apply it in order to succeed.

Conscious Citizenship is what we strive towards. A conscious citizen is one who places value on being fully human while connecting with a higher purpose; one who values human life and the relationship with all living things, and takes responsibility for transforming skill into action, through ethical decision making, to ultimately improve life and living on the planet.