MAP Testing

Measures of Academic Progress

The Learning Commons is proud to announce that at ACS Athens, students benefit from the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing. This school wide assessment test is administered during designated hours on ACS computers to students throughout the Elementary School, Middle School and the Academy.  

The areas assessed include:

Grades 3-10Grades 5, 8, 10
Language usageLanguage usage


This online assessment measure helps identify the instructional level of students and functions as a measure of academic growth from year to year.  

What makes it unique

MAP testing is unique in that it’s adaptive. This means that as the student answers correctly, the test questions become more difficult. Inversely, with each wrong answer the test becomes easier.  

As the test is specifically adaptable to different learning levels, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and exit the testing with a positive attitude.

Who participates?

All ACS Athens students grades 3-10 participate in MAP testing. Students do not need to enroll in order to participate.

Where and when does it take place?

MAP testing takes place on campus during school hours on designated days. A schedule is carefully followed to ensure that students take the test. Students take the test in the beginning of each academic year and again in spring.