Give to support AI, Technology and Science

Artificial intelligence/robotics and technology are developing at light speed and we are witnessing rapid, continuous changes on multiple levels. These areas are becoming more important for careers in science and engineering, but they are also infiltrating our daily lives through programmed technological systems (Google, Siri, technology-based security systems, etc.).

ACS Athens continuously seeks to be at the forefront of innovation by offering students optimal educational experiences and by providing opportunities for students to partake in and initiate innovation. We are building a K-12 Artificial Intelligence framework combined with a Conscious Citizenship framework that will ultimately lead students to have a strong understanding of what is possible through AI/Technology and that will empower students to lead change rather than be victims of change while developing ethical decision making skills and conscious living.

Your contributions to the AI/Technology section will go towards a well developed AI laboratory and up to date technological support.

Fully funded science labs will be named after the benefactor.

ACS Athens is committed to maintaining state-of-the-art technology Science labs to support research, exploration and project-based learning in all subjects. We want to continue to be at the forefront of science and student learning, seeking to create the classroom of the future. To achieve our goal, we will upgrade and create fully-equipped and resourced state-of-the-art labs. The cost is estimated to be $250,000 for four such Labs,  two in the Middle and two in the Academy. The cost includes construction, renovation, furnishings, computers, 2D and 3D printers, accessories, purchased/licensed software and kits and maker-space equipment and supplies.

Give to Support our Scholarships

The Stefanos P. Gialamas Scholarship Fund (Mathematics & Technology)

A  four-year partial scholarship aiming to assist High School students who excel in Mathematics & Technology related fields.

Stefanos Gialamas served as President of ACS Athens from 2005 until his passing in October of 2019. His energetic approach to educational programs encouraged innovation at ACS Athens and his life-long passion for Mathematics and Science inspired this Scholarship Fund.


The Steven W. Medeiros Scholarship Fund (Humanities & Arts)

A four-year partial academic scholarship for High School students who excel in Humanities & Arts related fields.

Steve Medeiros was an outstanding educator who served in ACS Athens as a teacher, administrator, Dean of the Institute, friend and mentor to many throughout his 37 years at the school. He passed away in November 2019 after a long battle with cancer. His love for the Arts, Literature and Humanities inspired this Scholarship Fund.

Give to Support our Capital Projects

A New Academic Wing

Expanding classroom space and developing the classroom of the future defines this project. Besides state of the art space, classrooms will include the latest technological and space appropriate resources to ensure optimal educational experiences catering to students aiming to be successful global citizens. The project is estimated to cost 2m.

Playground for Elementary School

The value of play is especially important for Elementary School Students. We are looking to expand play areas within the campus. Innovative and creative ways to do so requires new landscape designs and contemporary play equipment.

Outdoor Fitness Areas for Middle School/ Academy

The outdoor athletic fitness area will be installed in the northeast area of our campus, adjacent to the track lanes and the soccer field. It will benefit our Middle School and Academy students during Physical Education classes and it will provide tremendous assistance for the preparation of our competitive sports teams. Nowadays, outdoor fitness areas provide station- training and activities that not only benefit the physical well being of individuals but enhance the enthusiasm of those using the facility.

Give to Support our Faculty Research Program

Supporting faculty development is essential to ensure that ACS Athens attracts and retains outstanding faculty who will educate students optimally. Faculty, administrators and specialists engage in continuous learning and skill building. Implementing and supporting collaborative structures that encourage faculty to share leading practice, problem solve, and expand upon their teaching methods to improve student learning is what we call ‘reflective practitioners’; faculty abreast of ‘best practice’ and contemporary methodology approaches.  Supporting our faculty development programs ensures ‘reflective practitioners’ and lifelong learners, role modeling the type of learners we want students to become.

General Support

Unrestricted gifts are deeply appreciated as they enable ACS Athens to direct your support to the most urgent needs or latest project development. Gifts to the Funds contribute towards  student financial aid, faculty and staff development, facility improvement, co-curricular activities, technology, campus enhancement and other operating needs as designated by the School Board and President on an annual basis.