Internship Program

At ACS Athens, we welcome interns from our partner universities!

The Learning Commons is always ready to engage in the preparation needed to accommodate interns on campus from universities worldwide.

The Internship Program is a wonderful opportunity for interns to enhance their skills and learn strategies used by professionals in a distinguished environment like ACS Athens that embodies U.S. principles and academia.

Our interns engage in weekly meetings with their supervisor and discuss relevant issues, themes and procedures related to their area of study/work. These meetings are also an opportunity to share with our interns our professional code of ethics and conduct.

We offer diverse internship placement opportunities:

  • Elementary/Middle/Academy School Counseling
  • Elementary/Middle/Academy School Optimal Learning
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Educational & Diagnostic Center
  • Health Office
  • Advisories

Our partner universities include University of Delaware USA, Stenden University Holland, Minnesota State University.

Please contact the Learning Commons Director for Internships at