What is the Learning Commons?

Inspiring students to become architects of their own learning

The Learning Commons is the center of learning, knowledge construction and student/faculty collaboration. This modern learning space provides ACS Athens students and faculty with state of the art facilities and multiple services.

Students are welcome to make use of the services offered by the Learning Commons in the aim of helping each one to pursue their intellectual curiosities and expand their horizons.

Within the Learning Commons, students will discover studios that offer support to Middle School & Academy students in Writing/Research, Math/Science, Media.  Each space is staffed with professionals who have expertise in the fields of mathematics, science, writing, research, literacy, media and STEAM education. 

Students are welcome to visit the studios and make use of the diverse services:

Additionally, the Learning Commons offers students a wealth of resources and a large database to which they have access during school hours in the

Students can also participate in programs held in the Incubator and Innovation Lab.  They’re specially designed spaces that promote the development and sharing of ideas thereby resulting in original projects.

Under the Learning Commons, Academy students interested in attending medical school can benefit from:

  • BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) and UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) preparation courses.

Some universities in the U.K. as well as in Europe and Asia, require that students applying to medical school take one of these two tests. During our prep sessions, the content (Bio,Chem, Physics and Math) of BMAT(Section 1) is covered. Students also learn problem-solving skills by practicing past exams of both UCAT and BMAT (Section 2). The sittings for the exams take place at the British Council in Athens and are offered in fall.

Students interested in signing up for these prep sessions must contact the instructor directly,  poulouv@acs.gr

The Learning Commons is known as the heartbeat of education at ACS Athens.