The educational and social integration philosophy of our Youth to Youth programs is based on the Global Morfosis Paradigm (gMp) which provides a meaningful, holistic and harmonious educational experience to all students. The gMp has been implemented at ACS Athens the past twelve years and is comprised of three integrated, inseparable and interrelated components: the Morfosis educational philosophy, the i2Flex teaching and learning methodology, and the Aristeia Leadership.

ACS Athens students, faculty and staff volunteers designed and implemented since 2016 the Youth-to-Youth Educational and Social Integration Programs (history of link to history from academics) in collaboration with other non- governmental organizations with the following vision:

Fostering meaningful educational experiences and promoting social integration addressing the educational and social needs of unaccompanied minors in Athens through a student to student partnership learning model

The Youth to Youth Educational and Social Integration Programs since January 2017 are implemented in collaboration with The HOME Project Organization an NGO that provides holistic care and shelter to unaccompanied refugee minors. Currently, the Programs include the Part-time Youth to Youth Program, the Part-time Business to Youth and the Full-time Youth to Youth program.

The Full-time program started in September 2018 and is offered to 18 unaccompanied minors, 4 girls and 14 boys, who received the Shapiro Foundation scholarships through The HOME Project Organization. The program consists of two cohorts that follow courses designed specifically for the program. Full-time students depending on their academic skills have the choice to enroll in regular ACS Athens courses.

Faculty follows the Youth to Youth teaching methodology implemented by ACS Athens faculty and students in the Part-time Youth to Youth Program.