Elementary School Program Fall / Winter 2020-2021

The Elementary School Program offers a variety of exciting sports activities to our young students. Now it is up to YOU to sign up your children to the Elementary Sports After School (ESAS). We hope your children enjoy the activities!

The support and cooperation of the parents is essential for this program to continue. The program will continue to run with the following parameters for the majority of the activities.

Young students (JK, KG) will wait at the classrooms to be picked up by the instructors to head out to their activity facility. Other students must walk to the designated meeting place prior to the beginning of the activity. Parents must pick up their children from the parking lot at 17:00.

The school does not supervise students after 17:00.

  • Snacks will not be provided. We encourage students to bring something healthy from home, as students are not permitted to go out to the outside kiosk after school.
  • Transportation will not be provided.
  • There is a predetermined cost per activity to help pay for the instructor's time and materials; please see activities sections below.
  • Activities will be cancelled if there are not enough students signed up. The Athletic Department will contact you if this is the case.
  • In the event that a session needs to be cancelled, you will be notified and every effort will be made in order to reschedule the sessions before the end of the school year.
  • For any emergencies or any needed communication after school hours (16:00), you may call: 210.6070.294 / 210.6070.327, where a staff member will be on duty until all the after school activities end.
  • If your child is sick or absent during the school day, he/she is not allowed to participate in any after school activities.
  • In case of rain, the outdoor activities sessions will take place indoors with alternative plans (game videos and other alternative activities).
  • For every sport, session dates, cost, meeting points and sports specific protocols are provided.

Activities Fees & Deadlines:

Tennis, Soccer, Archery, Karate, Basketball, Sports fitness activities, Yoga: Payment must be made by following the School Bank information .

*Payment must be made prior to the onset of the activity OR within one week following the submission of the form (if activity has already started and space is available).

For any questions you may have, please contact Ms. Ria Pateraki at 210.6070.294 in the Athletic Department or via email: paterakig@acs.gr. If you cannot find us in person, leave a message and we'll get back to you.

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