Visual and Performing Arts Department

The Arts program at ACS Athens consists of a multitude of Visual Arts, Music and Performing Arts courses, all designed to take students on a journey of creativity, exploration and knowledge.

The acquisition of a wide range of skills in the Arts curriculum ranges from observational drawing and painting skills, writing, speaking and performing abilities, to singing and developing expertise in playing musical instruments. These skills enable students to develop their self-expression and aesthetic appreciation.

In each of our different areas, students explore various techniques and media, experiment with different stylistic approaches, engage in authentic creative processes and manage to perform in or produce their own projects, thus discovering the joy and pride of being authentically creative. Each discipline engages the intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of our students, and develops transferable life-skills such as confidence, imagination, coordination, patience, focus, concentration, creativity and expression.

As a Visual and Performing Arts Department we value the:

  • Creative potential of each student.
  • Process of self-discovery.
  • Manifestation of critical thinking.
  • Acquisition of independent learning.
  • Engagement of authentic tasks.
  • Ability to work individually but also collaboratively in group projects/performances.
  • Communication of ideas.
  • Acquisition of art/music/drama/film vocabulary.
  • Ability to reinforce and supplement learning in other disciplines.
  • Opportunity to dialogue with varying cultures.

We believe that students learn the Visual and Performing Arts best when they:

  • Have the opportunity to experiment as much as possible with different materials/instruments/techniques/styles.
  • Have the opportunity to recognize, analyze, or critique their own work/performance or the work of others.
  • Are able to pursue personal interests.
  • Exhibit and participate in exhibitions or event-based performances of selected work.
  • Are motivated and supported in a joyful and safe learning environment.
  • Have a well-structured and well-equipped space, as well as the tools and resources needed to learn and practice their art/practices.
  • Share leadership and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Get inspired through exposure to world class artists, musicians, actors and film experts.
  • Develop self-awareness, empathy and understanding of the world through the arts.
  • Display or perform their art in varied and authentic settings.