The critical elements in academics and curriculum design development of ACS Athens is its unique structure of Academic Divisions and school-wide Coordinators. This flexible and highly productive organizational academic scheme allows the school to fully optimize and enhance curriculum development and delivery across the schools, benefiting the students throughout all subjects and of every grade level. By linking the UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals and Conscious Citizenship into lesson planning and implementing Artificial Intelligence into the Science and Technology course structure, the ACS Athens K-12 Curriculum is one of the most innovative in 21st Century learning. When our students complete their learning here, they will enter the world as impactful global citizens equipped with a holistic education of the highest caliber.




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Mr. Dimitropoulos is a Physical Education Teacher and Coordinator for Physical Education. Mr. Dimitropoulos was raised in Athens, Greece. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Physical Education from the University of Physical Education and Sport Science in Athens and then received his Masters Degree in Sports Management, through a program ran by the International Olympic Committee, from University of Lyon, France.

Mr. Dimitropoulos has worked as the Baseball Competition Manager for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and has also observed the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. He has published a book on baseball.

He recently authored a chapter in the 2016 publication "Revolutionizing K-12 Blended Learning through i2Flex Classroom Mode".

He has also worked as a basketball coach in Greek Professional League and has attended a number of basketball clinics in Greece as well as in the States.

Mr. Dimitropoulos is a certified lifeguard and an emergency responder (CPR/First Aid for adult/child/infant).

email: dimitropoulosa@acs.gr