The festival aims to cultivate a new generation of responsible media consumers and innovative creators through focused discussions led by educators and industry experts. It seeks to equip participants with critical media literacy skills, inspire interdisciplinary learning through STEAM education, champion the SDGs as a roadmap for change, and unleash the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence in media production.


The International Media Literacy Festival has been conceived with a range of interconnected objectives, including to:

  • Promote Media Literacy: Elevate participants' ability to discern, create, and engage with media content responsibly.
  • Foster STEAM Education: Integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into media projects, promoting holistic learning.
  • Advocate for SDGs: Encourage participants to utilize media as a platform to address global challenges outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Embrace AI Innovation: Inspire and encourage the exploration and integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies in creative media production

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ACS Athens believes that the International Media Literacy Festival holds immense significance in shaping a future where media becomes a force for positive change. By intertwining media literacy with STEAM education, participants develop multifaceted skills that transcend conventional boundaries. The festival's emphasis on the SDGs encourages socially and globally conscious content creation, while the integration of AI opens new horizons for state-of-the-art innovation.

As participants engage in this immersive experience, they hone their creative and critical thinking and become ambassadors of change. The festival envisions a world where media empowers, education transcends silos, global challenges are addressed with urgency, and the limitless possibilities of AI are harnessed for social good.

Join us in celebrating the power of media, technology, and creativity to shape a future illuminated by knowledge, innovation, and purpose. The International Media Literacy Festival is an invitation to embrace the boundless potential of media literacy and propel a new era of informed, inspired, and impactful media creators and consumers.

Who Can Participate

  • Students: From K-12, discover your inner media creator and storyteller.
  • Educators: Learn how to guide your students on an exciting journey of exploration and innovation through media production.
  • Media Enthusiasts: If you're in education and you're passionate about media, creativity, and technology, this festival is for you!

How to Participate

  • Middle School and Academy students and faculty of ACS Athens are invited to participate in panel discussions led by educators and media professionals on March 27th, 2024.
  • Members of the wider ACS Athens community can RSVP for three expert-led panels held in the Theater on the afternoons of March 26th - 28th.
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Media Production Competition: Submissions for the Media Literacy Competition are no longer being accepted. Winners and participants will be recognized and celebrated during the festival and showcased on our online platform.

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