Principal's Greeting

Welcome to ACS Athens Middle School!

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome our students and families to the ACS Athens Middle School for the 2023-24 school year.  As your new Middle School Principal, I am excited to be part of our students’ educational journey. The middle school years are a time of amazing and substantial growth. Students will develop valuable academic, interpersonal, and character skills that will build on their foundation and help them to develop into a well-rounded person. Our goal at ACS Middle School will be to strive for a positive attitude, a growth mindset, character development, and a willingness to have fun with the educational journey.

It has been my privilege and passion to serve in the education field for 30 years - 12 as a secondary school social studies teacher and 18 as a secondary school level principal. I am originally from South Dakota in the United States and have lived in South Dakota and Iowa all of my years. My wife Susan works as a computer programming engineer for the EROS Data Center near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We have been married for 29 amazing years and have 3 wonderful children.

Coming to ACS Athens is my first time living away from the United States. I am excited to live in and experience Athens and Greece. ACS Athens has an excellent tradition with dedicated teachers and staff, and I am honored and delighted to continue to develop and cultivate a solid educational experience for our students and parents. I am confident that my professional education experience, pedagogical knowledge, and passion will be a great fit to help lead the ACS Athens Middle School. I am eager to work with the students, partner with the parents, and engage with the faculty and staff to make the 2023-24 school year awesome.

Kind regards,

Mike Embrock, M.Ed.

Middle School Principal


Assistant Principal's Greeting

Greetings ACS Athens Middle School community,

It is with great excitement and a sense of purpose that I extend a warm welcome to all students, parents, and community members as we embark on a new academic year. I am proud and honored to serve as Vice Principal of the ACS Athens Middle School. 

With a teaching career of a little over 20 years, I have had the privilege of teaching across Divisions in both the Middle School and Academy. Most recently, I have served as the ACS Virtual and Educational Technology Coordinator, and will continue to work with the Division of Technology as the Chair in the upcoming academic year. Engaging with students not only within the confines of the classroom but also in extracurricular activities has been a source of immense joy for me. I take pride in getting involved in all aspects of student life and athletics, fostering growth and development both academically and personally.

At the Middle School, we understand the unique journey our students take as they transition into adolescence. We strive to provide a safe and caring community environment, where each student feels supported and valued. Our aim is to empower them to discover their academic potential and we are committed to nurture the development of our students as Conscious Citizens. We believe in cultivating experiences that promote empathy, sensitivity, and a strong sense of social responsibility. By encouraging active engagement in the community, our students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. They learn to recognize the impact of their choices, actions, and words on others, fostering a sense of accountability and empowering them to effect positive change.

As we embark on this academic year, I encourage each and every student to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Challenge yourselves to reach new heights, pursue your passions, and make a difference. To our parents and guardians, your involvement and encouragement play a crucial role in shaping the educational journey of our students and I extend my gratitude for your continued support and partnership. 

I am truly honored to be a part of this incredible community and look forward to working alongside each of you in the pursuit of educational excellence.

Labrini Rontogiannis, BSc, M.Ed

Middle School Assistant Principal