College Preparation

Advisory 9 - 10

Ninth and Tenth Grade Advisoryclasses are designed to help incoming high school students make a smooth transition from middle school by developing strategies and attitudes needed to achieve their personal and academic goals. The three major components for Academic Advisory include:

  • Academic Development

    Academic Development provides students with the necessary skills for academic achievement in high school. In addition, through Academic Advisory, students become familiar with the Academy class credit system and learn how to build a strong College Preparatory Program that will lead to the "Best Fit" for college/university admission. The Advisory lessons also help students develop a growth mindset aimed at setting and successfully achieving academic goals.
  • Career and College Exploration

    Each student will enroll in the ACT Career Discover Program, a software program that engages students in career exploration activities aimed at identifying their aptitudes, interests, and work values. As students begin to develop an awareness for the World-Of-Work, they will also understand the value of making meaningful academic choices that will lead to important college and career goals by answering the question: Who am I and what do I want to do in the future?
  • Personal / Social Development

    The activities in Personal/Social Development allow students to gain a better understanding of their self-concept as they increase their social and emotional competencies necessary for healthy and functional living. Skills and attitudes associated with personal and social competencies also include: awareness of self and others, positive attitudes and values, responsible decision making, interpersonal skills, self management skills, ethics and a commitment to civic responsibility. Team building activities include our K-12 recycling project. All Academic Advisory students are involved in our service learning project organized to collect and manage recycled paper from all ACS Athens classrooms. Through these activities students develop responsible decision making and acquire the commitment to civic responsibility.

Advisory 11 - 12

Junior / Senior Advisory is designed to assist students with the planning and practical aspects of the College Application process. Students spend much time in Junior / Senior Advisory researching colleges and finding the best fit for their individual needs.

Essay writing in conjunction with the ACS Writing Center is an intricate part of this curriculum and College University representatives visiting ACS Athens provide students with the opportunity to get information first hand, ask questions and crystallize their decisions. The Advisory coordinator works hand in hand with the Academy counselors and the Registrar to assist students in applying to the best fit colleges and making sure all aspects of the college process is considered thus providing universities with the best portfolio for students

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