Middle & High School Program Winter/Spring 2019

The Middle & High School Program offers exciting activities to our students. We hope your children enjoy the program!

  • Please note that students (7th grade and older) wishing to participate in the activities presented below can ride the Late Area buses which depart at 17:45 every day; these buses go to specific areas and do not provide "door to door" service. Please check the schedules & routes to determine if any of the buses suit your needs.
  • For any emergencies or any needed communication after school hours (15:55), you may call: 210.6070.294 / 210.6070.327, where a staff member will be on duty until all the after school activities end.
  • If your child is sick during the school day, he/she is not allowed to participate in any of the after school activities.
  • In case of rain, sessions will take place indoors with alternative plans (game videos, fitness and other). With light rain, activities will take place.

Activities Fees & Deadlines

Please pay the necessary fees at the cashier's office no later than than January 25, 2018.

*Payment must be made prior to the onset of the activity OR within one week following the submission of the form (if activity has already started and space is available).

Middle School Basketball

Participants will learn and develop the fundamental skills of basketball through a variety of drills. They will also play short games.

Days / Location: Fridays. Practice will take place in the front outdoor basketball court

Cost: € 65

Duration: September - January, 2020

Time: 16:00 - 17:30

Instructor: Mr. Stelios Kalogridakis

Middle School Archery

The future archers will learn basic techniques, safety rules, competition procedures and will have the chance to enjoy shooting through fun games and competitions.

Advantages gained through archery training:

  • Increases the levels of concentration
  • Reduces stress
  • Sharpens the mind
  • Tones the upper body
  • Strengthens the back
  • Does not require specific body skills.


  • Archery classes will be separated in two groups based on the participants' age.
  • All necessary equipment will be provided from ACS Athens.
  • The following personal items must be provided before the beginning of the lessons from the ACS Athens Athletic office.
    • Chest guard
    • Finger tab
    • Armguard
    • (Optional: Quiver)

Day / Location: Thursdays. Practice will take place in the 5th grade Playground.

Cost: € 80

Duration: September - January, 2020

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Instructor: Mrs. Efi Karatopouzi


For Middle & High School Students

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For Middle & High School Students

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