IB Program @ ACS Athens

ACS Athens has been an IB World School since 1976. It is the 66th school in the world to introduce the IB diploma program into the school's curriculum. In working with the IB program for over 35 years and in conjunction with other academically challenging programs, ACS Athens was committed to developing courses and teaching practices that best fit each student's profile. All grade 10 ACS Athens students who are interested in following the IB Diploma program need to go through our admissions application process.

The fundamental principles of our mission statement and the adopted educational philosophy of ACS Athens are in direct alignment with the philosophy and mission statement of the IBO. Our student centered environment aims toward academic excellence, as well as providing a broader, holistic education. This in turn encourages students to become caring individuals with ethos who apply their high academic intellect toward creating a world where peace is the norm. The school's educational philosophy strives toward achieving a Holistic, Meaningful and Harmonious education for all its students in order to achieve their highest academic potential.

Committed to providing academic leaders for the 21st century, we encourage and applaud change through our diverse offerings of IB courses, through technological improvements in the classroom and through continuous training of our IB faculty. In addition, the ACS Athens curriculum and support services offer our students the opportunity to develop a global perspective in education. Educational visits to colleges in the USA and UK provide the opportunity for students to take a glimpse at international academic institutions and to choose to apply to those institutions that best fit their academic goals.

Academic support programs such as our Writing and Math Studios serve not only to assist but to enhance the individual writing skills of each student. Furthermore, a comprehensive program for college applications offered by our Student Affairs department assists in obtaining acceptances to the finest institutions that are a best fit for our students. Civic responsibility is one of the major educational goals of ACS Athens. It is incorporated both in our school’s curriculum and in extra-curricular activities providing an opportunity for the IB Diploma students to successfully accomplish the CAS requirement of the IB Diploma program.

As a JK-12 English speaking school which offers the American High School Diploma to all students who successfully complete the required courses, ACS Athens has two distinct advantages: First, it provides an opportunity to all of its students to obtain a bilingual IB diploma. Second, it allows students to design their unique academic program which fits their learning profile and academic goals by taking single IB courses for which they receive an IB certificate.

The 180-day US school calendar allows our faculty to cover the IB syllabus in depth and precludes the need for outside tutoring. In keeping with the American educational philosophy, teachers are readily available to offer extra help and provide individual attention to students as part of their normal teaching duties.

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