At our Wellness Center, social-emotional support is provided to students JK-12 in confidentiality, individually or in small groups. Some reasons as to why an individual may reach out for support could be related to peer and/or family relations, academic concerns, loss, stress, changes in life or natural developmental changes across one’s life cycle.

Being Healthy and Well

What Does it Mean to be Healthy & Well?

Reflection: Being Healthy and Well encompasses specific domains of our lives:

a) physically, b) socially, c) emotionally and d) cognitively (see wellness wheel for more domains).

How do each of the Wellness Wheel domains affect you and your every life practices (a-d above)?

Reflection: Think about your every day routines and schedules, how do you take care of yourselves via these domains?

Reflection: Home & School: What do they look and feel like across the Wellness Wheel domains?