Learning Enhancement Programs

The Learning Enhancement Programs, LEP, are expanding their role to become the center of innovation/dissemination of best practice, to meeting the needs of all students. The programs will support parents, teachers and all school professionals, not only at ACS Athens but also in the wider Athens and international community.

With expanding initiatives, the programs aim to pioneer in creating effective and accessible holistic teaching and learning. Our aim is to raise awareness for students who learn differently, both in Greece and in the International community. Our goals include providing an ideal opportunity for professionals and families to discover and share best practices in education, and to cultivate a collaborative community of school leaders who believe in our vision. The programs are committed to becoming a “mentor” and “model” of education and teaching innovation to other schools for students who learn in a different way! These programs are established under the Institute for Innovation and Creativity.

The services and initiatives include:

  • After school learning support programs for ACS Athens
  • The Gateway program for non-ACS Athens students
  • Coordination of UNL HS Diploma program for ACS Athens students
  • Provision for complete diagnostic and educational testing for ACS Athens’ students and students from the local community, with focus on a holistic and authentic approach to assessment
  • An annual world renowned conference on learning differences
  • A committee that will research and solicit grant funding for all programs and school-wide initiatives
  • Creation and implementation of future innovative programs
  • Ongoing Shadow Teacher training and coordination programs

The Institute for Innovation and Creativity; LEP in the process of expanding, will secure a positive and productive school experience for students of all ages.