ACS Athens Sports Academies

The ACS Athens Sports Academies (Basketball, Tennis & Swimming) provide great opportunities for those that not only want to explore the sport but also to focus and grow through methodical, consistent and continuous training. The success of the academies is a result of many factors, including although not limited to the dedication and expertise of the coaches, the facilities, support of the community and the commitment of the institution.

Some basic characteristics of our Sports Academies:

  • Duration of Academies: ALL year long
  • Practice frequency: Minimum of twice per week (recommended); three or more times per week are viable options.
  • Time flexibility / Options for ACS Athens community members and other:

5:45 – 9:00 pm (weekdays) / 8:00 am - 4:00 pm  (Saturday): Academies open for ACS Athens students AND open to children from the general public (Tennis academy in the evenings is also open to adults).

We urge everyone to explore the opportunities provided in the ACS Athens Basketball, Tennis & Swimming Academies; if you find that the Sport Academies suit your needs, you may register online to reserve a spot in the program.


Annie Constantinides

Director of Athletics