Partnerships / Collaborations

Having been recognized as one of the top international K -12 educational institutions of the world, opens doors and opportunities of collaborations and partnerships with other institutions and organizations.

We believe that sharing and exchanging information, knowledge and experience with different educational entities is the path toward attaining even higher goals.

One of the most exciting characteristics of our school is our open minded individuals and the innovative ways we approach education. Our school is open to change, challenge and exploration of new paths. This puts us in a unique position of being ready to absorb stimulating ideas that come from other environments and thus enriching our own curriculum and creating new objectives as pioneers in our field.

Providing students optimal opportunities for current and future success, involves collaborations with higher educational and specialized institutions worldwide. Enhancing the dialogue between K-12 and such institutions can go a long way towards bridging the gap that leads to ultimate success as it provides opportunities for students to become comfortable early on in higher educational settings. Furthermore, a strong emphasis in professional development for faculty, administrators and specialists starts with encouraging lifelong learning and providing both opportunity and support towards assisting individuals to develop their academic interests, refine their craft and reach their highest potential. Such collaborations include:


  • Boston Museum of Science
  • Chapman University, CA
  • Elmhurst College, IL
  • Griffith College, Ireland
  • Hellenic American University
  • Hisar School, Turkey
  • Moreland University
  • Stenden Universtiy, Netherlands
  • Tufts University, MA
  • University of Delaware
  • Wheelock College (now Boston University) MA
  • Widener University, PA
  • Williams College, MA
  • Wilkes University, PA
  • York University, Canada


  • Association for International School Heads (AISH)
  • Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE)
  • European Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS)
  • Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS)
  • Middle States Association
  • National Associations of Independent Schools (NAIS)
  • Near East South Asia (NESA)
  • World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Learner's Voice
  • World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)


  • Cosmote
  • Danaos


  • IKEA Foundation
  • Roots & Shoots; Jane Goodall Foundation
  • The HOME Project