Chairperson's Message

Dear ACS Athens Community Members and Friends

It is with a great deal of pride that I take on the prestigious role of Chairperson of the Board of Trustees here at ACS Athens.

Whilst being extremely proud of the very strong academic record that ACS Athens has always maintained, my main aim, and that of my fellow board members, is to always ensure that our students are provided with the best possible all-round education in which their physical, emotional, psychological and social development is enhanced.

I will ensure that the faculty has all the necessary resources and structures to support a rigorous academic program and an environment that is engaged, engaging and one which challenges students to give of their best in all their fields of endeavor. This will enable them to learn to be independent, creative and flexible learners, operating within an ethical community with a strong sense of responsibility to their communities and society as a whole.

Educational success is not achieved solely by the faculty and students. I recognize that parental choice of a school is an important element that also plays a significant role in achieving this success. I will look forward to fostering the positive links with parents throughout a student's journey at ACS Athens and working with them for the achievement of our goals.

ACS Athens operates within a very strong values system and we will strive to ensure that our graduates to go out into the world as people of competence, conscience and have passionate commitment in their chosen careers.

Suheil H. Sabbagh

Chairperson - ACS Athens Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

ACS Athens is a not-for-profit, Board of Trustees governed organization: The Board of Trustees is a permanent, policy leadership body involved with strategic planning, advocacy and oversight of the school.

Additionally, an Advisory Council serves as a body of experts to the school’s governance and leadership, providing a connection between ACS Athens and current trends that can impact school policy, programs and teaching and learning practices.

The Board's Principles of Good Practice include:

  • The Board is the guardian of the school's mission and holds the school in trust for future generations.
  • The Board’s primary goal is to ensure that ACS Athens meets the needs of its students and families through its dedication to academic excellence, while at the same time remaining a student-centered institution.
  • The Board reviews and maintains appropriate bylaws that conform to legal requirements.
  • The Board assures that the school and the Board operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • The Board accepts accountability for both the financial stability and the financial future of the school; it approves the annual budget, tuition, salary and benefits, the master campus development plan and other major policy decisions.
  • The Board selects, supports, nurtures, evaluates, defines the scope of duties and sets appropriate compensation for the school President.
  • The Board focuses on long-range strategic planning and sets annual goals related to the plan. It conducts annual written evaluations for the school, the school President and the Board itself.
  • The Board keeps accurate records of its meetings.
  • Board composition reflects the strategic expertise, resources and perspectives needed to achieve the school’s mission.
  • As leader of the school community, the Board maintains good relations with school constituents, as well as the broader community and enhances the public standing of ACS Athens.
  • The Board raises funds through various initiatives, in order to ensure that ACS Athens has adequate resources with which to fulfill its mission.