Summer Assignments 2024 English & Literature - For next year's 6th - 8th graders

Summer is a wonderful time to read for pleasure without the pressure of homework, tests and specific assignments. The English Department is asking you to take advantage of this relaxing time of year to fulfill one of the requirements for your next year's English class.

Please see the letters below for the specific required summer reading assignment for Grades 6, 7 and 8.

Although we only require you to read one book as a basis for this assignment, we encourage you to take this opportunity to read some other titles of your choice. We think you will find plenty of good books to read and enjoy this summer.

Best wishes for a pleasant summer. Happy Reading!

The ACS Athens English Department

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Summer 2023 Assignments Mathematics - For next year's 6th - 8th graders

Dear Middle School Parents/Guardians,

We encourage our students to spend stimulating and productive time working on the following options to enhance and extend their mathematics skills and mindset over the summer. These options include online practice, printed review sets of practice, recommended mathematics reading books and fun mathematics activities to complete with your child.

The ACS Athens Division of Mathematics wishes everyone a restful and enjoyable summer.

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