Summer 2018 Assignments For next year's 6th - 8th graders

English & Literature

Summer is a wonderful time to read for pleasure without the pressure of homework, tests and specific assignments. The English Department is asking you to take advantage of this relaxing time of year to fulfill one of the requirements for your next year's English class.

Accompanying this letter are lists of recommended titles for summer reading. Choose at least one book from the list to read over the summer. When we return in the fall, your language arts teacher will give you a specific assignment that allows you to share this reading experience with others.  

To help you prepare for that assignment, we require that you take notes on important characters, events, and ideas in one of the books on the list. Avoid doing just a simple plot summary. Instead, try to make some personal connections to ideas or characters that particularly interested you. You also should select at least one passage from the book and explain why you think it is well-written.

Although we only require you to read one book as a basis for this assignment, we encourage you to take this opportunity to read some of the other titles on this list. You can also view the pdf file below to explore the Scholastic “Young Adult Reads” book list. We think you will find plenty of good books to read and enjoy this summer.

Best wishes for a pleasant summer.  Happy Reading!
The ACS Athens English Department



Every year the math department (all teachers JK-12) prepares revision questions for all grade levels in the Elementary School and all courses in the Middle School and the Academy.

Although it is important for students to rest in the summer months, we encourage our students to spend stimulating and productive time working on the summer practice. Solutions are provided so that students may assess themselves along the way. The material attached consists of problems relating to this year's taught curriculum. Students will be expected to show their summer practice problems in the beginning of the next school year.

The math department (JK-12) wishes everyone a restful and enjoyable summer.

All Mathematics summer assignments are mandatory and can be found at this location.