Board Members 2019-2020

PTO Feedback Form

As an open and diverse community we encourage an ongoing communication between ACS parents and the PTO. Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions or need information.

  • Chairperson/President: Mary Katsiavria 
  • Co-Vice Chairperson/President: Maria Prattas
  • Co-Vice Chairperson/President: Victoria Tsorlianou
  • Treasurer: Jenny Wang Ye
  • Secretary: Debbie Richards Perakis 
  • Academy School Rep.: Elen Yang 
  • I.B. School Rep.: Marloes Kerkhoff
  • Middle School Rep.: Despoina Gavridi
  • Elementary School Rep.: Ashley Plummer 
  • U.S. Embassy Rep.: Elisa Ketter 
  • OLP Rep.: Tina (Kanellou) Stathopoulou 
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Layd Engelmeier