The Finance Office

The goal of the Finance Office is to service the financial needs of the constituents; students, parents, faculty and community at large, being responsible for all money related transactions of the school, e.g. budgeting, tuition billing and collection, school purchases, vendor payments, third party contracts, bank relations, accounting, cash flow, taxes, financial reporting, repairs and maintenance, new projects, etc.

Yearly, the school's financial statements are audited by an independent auditing firm. The Finance Office operates based on the policies set by the school Board of Trustees and reports to the school President.

Payment Methods & Bank Information

The accepted methods of payment for tuition and fees are: INTERNET WEB BANKING PAYMENTS, DEPOSITS, WIRE TRANSFERS, CHECKS, and VISA/MASTER Card. According to Greek Law, starting January 2012, tuition can not be paid in cash at the Cashier's Office. However, after school activities can still be paid in cash at the Cashier’s Office, if the amount is less than 500 Euro.

A. Internet Web Banking Payments

ACS Athens is connected with the DIAS Inter-bank Electronic Payment system, which includes all Greek Banks. ACS Athens is showing as a recognized Vendor, (category: Other Companies), at all Greek banks' web banking sites, (similarly to utility, credit card, telephone, etc. companies). Parents would be able to make payments to the school in two ways: either from the convenience of their home using their own bank’s web banking site, or visiting their own bank and make the payment at the teller’s desk.

The process is as follows:

  1. The parent is required to obtain from the school cashier Mr. Ioannis Exarchou, (email:, or call 210 6070 208) a payment transaction code which identifies the student/family. This is a permanent payment code, there is no need to ask for a new one every time you make a payment. This code is similar to the transaction payment codes that many utility and telephone companies show on their billings.
  2. The parent can either make an electronic payment through his/her bank web banking site, following their bank's payment instructions, or physically visit his/her bank and make the payment at the teller’s desk. In both cases, the school provided payment transaction code must be used as the payment description.

B. Bank Deposit information and Wire Transfers


Wire Transfers

National Bank of Greece 
(Account No. 178/480060-56) Euro €(Account No. 178/480060-56) Euro €

Sxoles Amerikanikis Paroikias Athinon - ACS

Platia Eleutheroton, Xalandri, Athens, Greece Halandri

Branch Swift Number: ETHNGRAA

IBAN Number: GR59 0110 1780 0000 1784 8006 056

Alpha Bank 

Sxoles Amerikanikis Paroikias Athinon - ACS

214  Kifissias Ave., Neo Psychico  GR-15451, Branch 110

Swift Number/ BIC: CRBAGRAA

(Account No. 209 00 2320 001026)

Euro €

(Account No. 209 00 2320 001026) Euro €

IBAN Number (€): GR12 0140 2090 2090 0232 0001 026

(Account No. 209 01 5001 000037)


(Account No. 209 01 5001 000037) US Dollars $

IBAN Number ($): GR79 0140 2090 2090 1500 1000 037

Piraeus Bank 
(Account No. 5009-049908-372) Euro €(Account No. 5009-049908-372) Euro €

Sxoles Amerikanikis Paroikias Athinon - ACS

Leoforos Mesogeion 406 & Iroon Polytechneiou 2, GR-15343

Aghia Paraskevi Branch

Swift Number: PIRBGRAA

IBAN Number: GR62 0172 0090 0050 0904 9908 372

It is necessary for the deposit or wire transfer slip to be emailed to: The transaction's legal receipt will be mailed back to the parent immediately upon verification of the transaction with the bank.

C. VISA / MASTER Card Payments

  1. At the Cashier's Office desk: Payments can be made with VISA or MASTERCARD at the Cashier's Office desk by using the POS system.
  2. Via Internet Web Banking (Alpha Bank Secure Web): Payments can also be made with VISA or MASTERCARD remotely by using the Internet Web Banking. Please follow the instructions below:
    • The parent communicates with the Cashier by email or phone (210 6070 208 and indicates the student’s full name, the amount he/she wants to pay and the description of the payment.
    • The Cashier sends via email a payment link to the parent with the above details of the transaction. At this stage, the transaction amount cannot be changed. If the payer wants to pay a different amount he must receive a new email with a new payment link from the Cashier. The parent follows the link and completes the payment in an Alpha Bank secure environment by charging his/her credit card.
    • The Cashier sends the receipt via email to the parent when the funds appear at the school's bank account.

Force Majeure

The obligations of the School under this Agreement may be suspended immediately without notice during the periods that the School must close of Force Majeure events including, but not limited to, fire, acts of God, war, governmental action, terrorism, epidemic, pandemic, outbreaks of infectious disease, any other public health crisis, or any other, even beyond the School's control. If such an event occurs, the School's duties and obligations under this Agreement may be suspended or postponed until such time as the School, in its sole discretion, may safely re-open. A Force Majeure event will not entitle the parent(s), guardian(s) or other financially responsible party/parties to a tuition refund. The aforementioned explicitly waive their claims of unjust enrichment.