Programs for Adults

Winter-Spring 2019

The Institute for Innovation and Creativity (IIC) is happy to offer a program of Adult Education Classes for the Winter - Spring 2019 season.

Enrollment Deadline: October 31, 2018

To enroll please contact Ms. Marietta Garbis at email: / ph.: 210.6393.200, ext. 302


For members of the ACS Athens community

Mondays and Thursdays 4:30 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.

  • Mondays (once a week): cost €260
  • Thursdays (once a week): cost €290
  • 57 classes (twice a week): cost €550

Minimum enrollment: 7

Maximum enrollment: 15

Course description:

Taichichuan is an ancient Chinese martial art which strengthens both body and mind. The body's health is enhanced through aligning and unifying it and using it in its fullest and most optimal potential and the mind is strengthened while utilizing it as the mindful leader of the practice. The key to obtaining these benefits which makes it also the means to the end: Mindfulness.

By being mindful of our posture while we sit or stand, we relax, we get rid of tensions and strengthen our focus.

By moving mindfully while practicing the exercises of the program, slowly and risk-free, we strengthen our body, realign it and heal from minor to major injuries* and learn to keep the mindful awareness while doing an activity.

Finally, by practicing mindfulness through meditation and self-observation, we are less controlled by impulses and subconscious thought-processes which lead to programmed actions, and slowly but surely we become more conscious of our lives.

Working and living in this level of awareness can be achieved as soon as someone makes training a routine. I have seen people implementing it in their daily lives and keeping it after one lesson, constantly telling me how it has helped them deal with stress and negative emotions. However, research shows that it takes around 2 months to turn an activity into a habit. Therefore I take this to be the minimum amount needed to experience short to medium term results, without excluding the possibility of it happening sooner to those who practice more diligently.

Course structure:

20 min. warm up

30 min Taichi Chi Kung ( basic movements)

30 min Taichi Form (8 movements Yang Taichi form)

Research on health benefits of Tai Chi and Chikung

About the instructor:

Patrick Karantinos has been training martial arts for more than 20 years. He loves transmitting the art and sharing its benefits. He has always followed the same teacher, Master Tang Tung Wing but has also participated in seminars with Grand Masters like Chen Hsiao Wan and Wang Hsi An. He has won many medals in both national and international competitions. Among other degrees, he also holds the 4th Duan in Taichi from the Chinese Wushu Association.