IB Admissions Procedure

How to get admitted in IB

Entrance into the Full Diploma Program at ACS Athens is competitive, and students apply in the spring of their sophomore (10th grade) year. The application process includes:

  • Submission of the IB Application in pdf format.

    Application Submission Deadline: By February 28, 2019

    Application form

  • Submission of a Portfolio: four pieces of work from different subject areas
  • Submission of an Essay: a reflection of what the works chosen for the Portfolio show about you, as a learner and as a student
  • Student Self-Evaluation
  • Teacher recommendations: importance is placed on study habits, motivation, maturity, and critical thinking skills, as well as on class performance
  • Review of Transcripts
  • Non-ACS students will also be asked to sit an IB entrance exam

An Admissions Committee meets to review each candidate's application, and recommends entrance into the IB program as either a Full Diploma Candidate, a Certificate Candidate, or a 13th year student.

A Personal Interview with the student is required upon acceptance into the Full Diploma Program.