Lower & Upper Primary

  • Lower Primary Program - (6 years old - Children entering 1st grade in September)
  • Upper Primary - (7 years old – Children entering 2nd grade in September)

The Primaries program consists of a variety of creative and innovative activities that include English, Adventure Games, Art, Water Fun (swimming), and many more! Children are assigned in an age-appropriate group and remain with the same group throughout the week. All groups are accompanied at all times by two Group Leaders - High School volunteers.

Clever Cookies INDICATIVE SCHEDULE* *The order of activities may change.
Digital Storytelling

Adventure Games

Children will increase their sense of personal confidence, build mutual support within their group, develop agility and physical coordination.

Arts & Crafts

Children will have the opportunity to draw, create crafts from paper and other materials. A variety of exciting projects, from painting and drawing to making your own puppets and collages. Getting creative with paint, glue, glitter as well as natural and other colorful creations. 

Ball Games

This activity includes the development of skills, the creation and playing of games and the understanding of games. Children will be provided with opportunities to develop skills and understanding through enjoyable individual, small group and team activities. They will experience a balance of skills and games in modified versions of: Basketball / Handball/ Volleyball / Bowling and more.

Digital Storytelling

If you want to discover a new magic world with your favorite heroes and fairy tale characters, digital storytelling will be your favorite partner. Digital storytelling is an essential tool for kids to explore their imagination and express their thoughts and ideas in an engaging way. Children can create their own stories and characters, which can help to foster their creativity and learn to organize their thoughts. The use of technology also adds an exciting element to the process, as children can experiment with different formats, such as animations or interactive stories. 
Are you ready to share your story?


English is the language of instruction with a focus on developmentally appropriate ways to engage children in building vocabulary, reading, and speaking skills through various exercises. Activities include listening and reading stories or information books, discussions, artwork, dramatization, singing, music, conversation and games.


Through board games, creative and team-building activities, children will learn how to socialize, interact and use their creative thinking. An ideal opportunity for exploring the world of games while encouraging problem-solving and developing communication skills.

Messy Play

Chalk, paint and water are just a few of the ingredients for happy messy play time. An imaginative outdoors activity combining initiative and creativity with social skills. Learn to interact and respect the environment and others while having fun.

Musical Theatre

A combination of music and dance, steps and performing. Children will learn short enjoyable routines showcasing their talents and abilities.

Water fun

Creative play activities in the pool in addition to learning basic swimming skills.