Statement on Inclusion

Adopted: 2022-23 Academic Year

At ACS Athens, we believe that inclusive education is a critical component of fostering equality and social justice.

Our school is dedicated to providing students with a safe and inclusive learning experience that recognizes and values their unique abilities. To achieve this goal, we offer a range of programs and initiatives that support and celebrate diversity, including the Optimal Learning Program, English as a Second Language Program, Dogs in Learning Program, Math/Science and Writing Studios, Incubator space, Innovation Lab, Makerspace, Media Studio, Athletic programs, student-led clubs, and the Youth-to-Youth program; an educational and social integration program for young refugees.

By creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, we strive to cultivate a harmonious and understanding community while also preparing our students to succeed in a dynamic and global society.

We are ACS Athens and we empower individuals to become architects of their own learning and thrive as conscious global citizens.