Kiddos / Juniors / Teens

  • Kiddos' Program: (Children entering 3rd & 4th grades in September)

  • Juniors' Program: (Children entering 5th & 6th grades in September)

  • Teens' Program: (Children entering 7th grade & higher in September)

Create your personal program based on individual preferences, talents, and interests. Choice of six ( 6) activities per week.

* Some activities may only be chosen for ONE week only, either in week 1, OR week 2, OR week 3

** Some activities are only available to Juniors/Teens 

The Arcade NEW!

Enter the Arcade to enjoy indoor ball games such as mini golf, Twister, ping pong, Tap it, bowling, and numerous others! Engage in friendly competition while building bonds with your fellow Summer Camp companions.

American Sports

An active, outdoor sports activity with high energy and lots of fun. Experience American Sports games such as Kickball, Flag Football, and Ultimate Frisbee among others.

Acro Yoga NEW!

Connect with basic Yoga poses.Students learn the basic principles of acrobatics, how to create fun shapes and pyramids in a safe and exciting way.

Art/ Comics NEW!

Comics for beginners learning how to craft thrilling comic strips and designing awe-inspiring superheroes in this dynamic art session! Sketch out storylines and bring your characters to life through vibrant drawing and doodling.

Art/ Portraits & Figures NEW! Juniors/Teens only

Unlock the magic of art learning how to observe and sketch facial features, creating stunning portraits and lifelike figures! Challenge your creativity with this skill of considerable difficulty, but fear not - our expert instructors are here to guide you every step of the way!


Lead-up drills and games introducing basic basketball fundamentals. Mini-side games and tournaments will also be played.


A wonderful opportunity to shake a pom-pom, learn basic cheerleading moves, dance to modern music, and execute simple choreographies. Cheerleading is about physical movement, trying new things, and learning how to work in a group. 


Chess for beginners and experienced students. Strategic thinking, clarity, fortitude, and stability are developed together with decision-making ability, patience and concentration. Learn the basic moves, play, and compete in short games and tournaments.

Dance (Modern)

Simple dance routines in hip hop and/or modern dance repertoire.

Dance (Latin)

Learn popular social Latin dances like LA, Cuban and Colombian Salsa (these are all different styles of salsa), Cha-Cha, Merengue, and Bachata. Dazzle with your moves and short choreographies.


Dive into the world of theater with "What's your Drama?"! Unleash your creativity, hone your acting skills and build confidence through a variety of engaging activities and improvisational challenges. From theater games to modern improvisation exercises, this summer camp activity promises laughter, teamwork and unforgettable moments on stage!

Digital Storytelling

Use the power of music, pictures, videos, and narrative to create stories. Digital storytelling appeals to the different learning styles of the students, and develops communication and multimedia skills. It is encouraging, self-motivated, and self-directed, engages students in their own learning process and helps students to develop planning skills, creativity, and innovation skills.

English/The Language Lab Kiddos /Juniors only

Participants will practice English in fun activities. Be inspired to write creatively, run grammar races, take part in scavenger hunts, or answer trivia competitions. Build grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, and writing skills through engaging activities.

English/ Newspaper Crew Juniors/Teens only

Spread the news and become a journalist for the ACS Summer Camp. Participants will choose different sections of a newspaper such as news articles, feature stories, editorials, sports, and classified. Learn to draft, write, interview, and present in a fun way.

The Game Room / Boardgames

Learn to play, play to learn. Experience the fun of strategic games, exercise your imagination, and learn to observe and react. Contemporary Board games, such as Uno, Jungle Speed, Ubongo, Dixit, are amazing tools to promote quick thinking, decision-making, math, and logic. 


Learn to grip and swing the club, hold the correct posture, and strike the ball effectively. Basic putting skills for golf beginners.


Create, concentrate, pay attention to detail. A mindful activity building age-appropriate Lego builds.


Engage in thrilling mad science experiments, concocting bubbling potions and launching homemade rockets into the sky. Explore the wonders of physics and chemistry while having fun with hands-on activities that ignite curiosity and creativity.


Learn two new magic tricks every day! Amaze your friends and dazzle them with your new-found abilities. Magic teaches perseverance and builds a positive self-image and a positive attitude to life.It improves motor skill, hand-eye coordination, concentration, focus, reflexes, timing and rhythm.

Orienteering NEW! FOR ONE WEEK ONLY *

Students utilize maps, drawings, compasses, and treasure hunts to enhance their navigational skills. Through hands-on exploration, participants will decipher clues, collaborate, and apply critical thinking to locate hidden treasures,expanding their spatial awareness and map reading abilities, within the campus.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a fun filled sport that develops hand-eye coordination, quick thought and concentration. A social outlet with educational benefits that promises lots of excitement!

Racket Sports

Badminton and table tennis (ping pong) skills and mini-tournaments.


Fundamentals will be taught (kicking, passing, heading, and more); children will do drills and play short-duration games. Mini-side games and tournaments.

SUP FOR ONE WEEK ONLY * Juniors/Teens only

Stand-up-Paddleboarding is the world's fastest-growing water sport. Participants will be taught to move around in the water by kneeling, lying, or standing on a narrow and long paddleboard.


Basic strokes and breathing activities will be introduced; children will practice those skills.


Practice on basic tennis strokes using simple drills. Fun-scoring games will be played among the children based on their abilities.

The ART Challenge NEW!

A different art challenge each day of the week! Fill your drawing sketchpads with challenging drawings, using different materials and techniques.


Lead-up drills and games introducing basic volleyball concepts; more elaborate drills will be introduced to advanced players.

Wall climbing FOR ONE WEEK ONLY *

Basic instruction on traversing (no ropes) as well as climbing with ropes.