1. Can a child from a different school attend the ACS Athens Summer Camp?

    Yes. Any child aged 4 -14 years old can attend the ACS Athens Summer Camp.

  2. My child is not a native English speaker. Will he/she be able to understand

    Yes. We make all participants feel welcome. English is the language of the Summer Camp and we encourage the use of English while ensuring that all children are able to understand and follow the activities.

  3. Registration - How can I register my child in Summer Camp?

    By filling out an on-line application form; Activity selection will be honored by registration and payment priority.

  4. Registration Late - Can I register once the program has started?

    Late registrations are accepted pending on availability.

  5. Renewal - Can I change the total number of weeks once registration is done?

    Yes you can, pending on availability! The 2023 Summer Camp will run for 3 consecutive weeks; if you wish to extend the participation of your child for an additional week, you need to advise the Summer Camp office as soon as possible.

  6. Change of Activity Policy -  Can my child(ren) change activities

    A one (1) change policy applies after registration, provided that there is availability in the requested activity. If a change is necessary please send an email to summercamp@acs.gr and we will try to accommodate, provided there is availability.

  7. Friend Policy - My child wants to be together with a friend who is also registered in the Summer Camp. How can I do that?

    You can state the name of one (1) friend in the relevant question in your application. We will try to take this into consideration, provided there is availability in their respective groups/activities.

    If your child is in Kiddos/Juniors/Teens  please note that  both children must choose identical activities each week in order for the request to be considered.

  8. Payment - Is full payment required and when is it due?

    Upon the submission of the online registration, payment in full is required. Activity selection will be honored by registration and payment priority.

    ACS Athens reserves the right to decline registrations and payment when camp capacity is reached (week by week).

  9. Payment - How much does Summer Camp cost?

    You may find the total cost of participation and information about the payment methods and bank information  under the "Cost & Payment" tab.

  10. Visiting Hours - Because I am a working parent, would I be able to come and visit the school and receive more information on campus?

    The Summer Camp Office is open daily 9:00 - 17:00 by appointment.

  11. Transportation - what kind of transportation is provided and what is the cost?

    Area transportation (not door-to-door) is provided with additional cost. The exact bus routes will be determined based on the needs of the participants.

    For more information contact directly Mr. Marios Nikolis via email transportationoffice@acs.gr and / or phone 210.6070.239.

  12. Transportation - When will I be notified about the exact bus route and time of pick up and drop off?

    You will be notified on the week-end prior to the first day of the Summer Youth Camp in regards to the exact point and time of pick up and drop off.

  13. Sports Equipment - What equipment / attire is needed for Summer Camp?

    Items that are needed to be brought from home are the swimming materials (bathing suit, towels, flip flops, swimming cap).

    Also a hat, sunscreen and water bottle are highly recommended!

    You need to LABEL (with your child's name) all the equipment your child brings to school (including the hat).

    Tennis racket: It is highly recommended to bring your own racket. The school has a limited number of tennis rackets to be used.

  14. English - How do you determine the level of English for the participants?

    The level of English is determined by their English teachers in the first days of camp. Every effort is made for all children to participate successfully in their preferred English class.

  15. Swimming - My child does not know how to swim.

    Our experienced instructors will make every effort to help your child enjoy Water Fun activities. Safety equipment will be provided.