As a community that comes together to address the needs of others, ACS Athens strives to promote civic responsibility and to model it for its students through a number of initiatives.

One of these initiatives is the Areté Award for Civic Responsibility,  initially established to recognize students, faculty, and parents who are role models for civic responsibility.  

Currently in its 10th year, the Areté Award aims to honor student, staff, and parent role models within the ACS Athens community who perform exceptional deeds, and/or initiate civic-minded activities. 

Through this award, ACS Athens aims to further define and promote civic responsibility and service in the wider school community.

ACS Athens is proud to announce the recipients of the Arete Award for Civic Responsibility 2020!

  • Student-Initiated Activities:

    Elementary School - Luka Grubacic and Merric Tate, 5th Grade, Lesvos Child Refugee Gift and Note Mission

    Academy - Yun Zhang, 11th grade, "Tree Hole" student-student storytelling and support group during COVID-19 quarantine

  • Employee - Mary Manos, Technical and Moral Support during COVID-19 Crisis
  • Community Member - Mary Katsiavria, Assistance with Middle School Council, PTO President, and Contribution to the ACS Community

These individuals, through their selfless actions and contributions, speak to the virtue and potential for service that resides within us all. 

Congratulations to all recipients!