Tournament Participation

ACS Athens participates in various local competitions and is a member of the International conference (ISAA).

International Schools Athletic Association (ISAA)

The purpose of the ISAA is to provide and govern interscholastic championship events and regular season competition amongst its member schools with an emphasis on the spirit of competition and fair play. Membership in the ISAA consists of philosophically-aligned international schools as full voting members.

ACS Athens is represented in the ISAA organization by the following varsity level sports: 

Boys & Girls:

  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Cross country & JV
  • Basketball
  • Swimming & JV
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field & JV

Members Schools:

  • International School of Basel
  • Vienna International School
  • Marymount International School
  • TASIS England
  • American School in Israel
  • British School in the Netherlands
  • ACS Egham
  • ACS Hillingdon
  • ACS Cobham
  • Cairo American College
  • International School Eindhoven
  • Bonn International School
  • International School of Geneva
  • Sotogrande International School
  • British School of Brussels
  • British School of Paris
  • ACS Athens
* Accommodation during sports trips: Athletes and coaches stay at a hotel.