Tournament Participation

ACS Athens participates in various local competitions and is a member of the International conference (ISAA).

International Schools Athletic Association (ISAA)


The purpose of the ISAA is to provide and govern interscholastic championship events and regular season competition amongst its member schools with an emphasis on the spirit of competition and fair play. Membership in the ISAA consists of philosophically-aligned international schools as full voting members.
ACS Athens is represented in the ISAA organization by the following varsity level sports: 

Boys & Girls:

  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Cross country & JV
  • Basketball
  • Swimming & JV
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field & JV

Members Schools:

  • Vienna International School
  • Marymount International School
  • TASIS England
  • American School in Israel
  • British School in the Netherlands
  • ACS Egham
  • ACS Hillingdon
  • Cairo American College
  • International School Eindhoven
  • Bonn International School
  • International School of Geneva
  • Sotogrande International School
  • British School of Brussels
  • British School of Paris
  • ACS Athens

* Accommodation during sports trips: Athletes and coaches stay at a hotel.

Sports Travel - Hotel Stay


  • On travel days (going to the tournament and coming back) the travel dress code must be followed:
    • Travel team hoodie and any kind of pants or skirts but no jeans OR sweat pants.
  • Athletes must have the legal document (ID or passport) by which the ticket has been issued.
  • Athletes should pack their uniforms and sneakers/cleats in their carry-on, even for direct flights.
  • Once past airport security, athletes must stay in “pairs” if not altogether in the group; Middle School students must always be with one of their coaches.
  • Upon arrival at the hotel, the coaches will collect all passports.
  • Room Pairing and Hotel Room Rules:
    • All room pairings will be determined by the coaches; there are no single-athlete room assignments.  If one athlete is left for any reason, then a triple room will be allocated;
    • The curfew will be @ 10:30 pm; athletes should be in their rooms before the curfew time to answer the door;
    • Our athletes (same gender only) can visit each other’s rooms until curfew time;
    • Athletes cannot leave their room after curfew; in an emergency, a call must be made to the coaches;
    • Any socializing with athletes from other schools must occur in the hotel lobby – our athletes do not visit rooms of athletes from other schools and vice versa;
    • If there is a mini bar at the hotel room, athletes cannot get any prohibited item(s).
  • Athletes must always use the “buddy” system; no one goes anywhere alone, and when leaving the hotel (in pairs or more), they must be supervised by a coach.
  • Athletes must always use their cell phones respectfully; taking pictures or recording videos of others in private situations (i.e in bathrooms, when changing, or when sleeping) or in a disrespectful manner is prohibited.
  • Athletes must always demonstrate good behavior, showing appropriate courtesy and respect towards others and respect for the hotel premises and host school facilities.  Appropriate language must always be used.
  • In summary, the rules listed in the Parent-Student Handbook must be followed. A reminder of some of those rules is listed below:
    • NOT ALLOWED (intake or possession):
      • Smoking or vaping;
      • Any illegal substances;
      • Any products containing alcohol, liquor, or intoxicating substances;
      • Failure to abide by the above rules will result in immediate suspension from any games, and upon return to school, the athlete will face the appropriate consequences as stated in the Parent / Student Handbook.

ISAA Data Protection / GDPR Policy

Participating students must have parent consent for names (only) to be posted on:

  • Host school website;
  • Tournament programs;
  • Third-party vendors such as software used for tournaments Hytek/Pentak.