Athletic Awards

At the end of the year (last week of May or first week of June) the Annual Athletic Awards Sports Banquet takes place to honor all the athletes that participated in the school year’s athletic program.

Every athlete and team member who completes a season receives a participation certificate and is eligible for a varsity or junior varsity pin. The following special awards are also given out at the Sports Banquet:

  • Most Valuable Player: Awarded to one athlete based on skill, performance, leadership, attendance and overall composure and service within the team.
  • Coach's award: Award is based on parameters determined by coach: effort, character, spirit, behavior, etc.
  • Most Improved Player: Awarded to an athlete for improvement through the season of a sport.

** The Coach of the sport is given the flexibility to alter the award titles as deemed appropriate (ex: outstanding performance, most spirited, most dedicated, etc).

Athlete of the Year: Awarded to a Senior (12th Grade) boy and girl that has participated in at least two sports; decided on by all members of the ACS Athletic Department coaching staff.

Scholar Athlete of the Year: Awarded to a Junior (11th Grade) boy and girl who has participated in at least two sports with the highest GPA.

All athletes will receive a Letter (varsity or junior varsity) and a Sport pin after the first year of participation. Every year thereafter, a bar pin will be awarded for every additional year.