Athlete & Parent Concerns

There may be times when concerns will arise regarding the athletic department and a particular program. In the best interest of the individual and program involved, we address any concern to the person who can best help.

Steps to follow:

  1. Bring your concerns to the coach first. Many times, the answers to questions you may have can be answered easily. Without the facts, minor situations could become uncomfortable encounters. The person closest to the issue is the best source of information.
  2. IIn the event a parent is not satisfied with the coach's reply, he/she should feel free to bring the situation to the attention of the Director of Athletics. The Director of Athletics will do everything possible to resolve the issue(s). In case of academic ineligibility issues, the Principal of the particular building, with the Director of Athletics will address the concerns. 
  3. All communication on behalf of the athlete AND / OR parent must be done in a cordial manner; any disrespectful behavior from either athlete/parent, either verbally or in written form, will not be tolerated under any circumstances and the athlete may be subject to immediate consequences:

    1.Suspension from the team for a period of time;

    2. Suspension from the team for the season (may be done immediately, depending on the severity of the incident);

    3. Will not be allowed to attend the tryouts in the following season (if there is a returning athlete and an incident has occurred following a given season).

* The final decision will be made by the Director of Athletics in consultation with the Coach of the Sport.

Child Safety: Child abuse and neglect are violations of a child’s human rights and are obstacles to the child’s education as well as to their physical, emotional and spiritual development.

All ACS Athens employees, including coaches, are committed to ensuring the safety and well being of our students in line with our obligations as established by the laws of Greece.