Season Obligations

Information: Practices / Games / Transportation / Travel

Practice sessions will be conducted after the normal school days (4:00-5:30 pm); late area buses depart at 5:45 pm. For a number of teams, some practices will take place in the morning (before classes) and/or on Saturdays and Sundays. The practice schedule of the sports is as follows:

Team Sports

(Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball)

  • Varsity Level: three times a week (maybe four). Weekend practices and/or games are an option,  following of course, timely communication with the participants. PRACTICE DAYS may vary depending on facility use.
  • Junior Varsity Level: Two times a week (sometimes three). PRACTICE DAYS may vary depending on facility use.

Individual Sports

(Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field, Tennis)

Varsity athletes may have a designated fourth practice during the school week and Junior varsity level athletes may have a designated third practice during the week.

Games: All games take place during practice times except for tournaments when there is a special schedule. Saturday and Sunday games may take place, following approval by the coaching staff and Director of Athletics. 

Practices and games are mandatory. Athletes should always inform the coach before missing a practice or a game. Coaches may have their own attendance policy regarding practices and games; athletes must obey all policies. 

Many students participating in sports may travel at the end of their season. Athletes must have a teacher acknowledgment form signed by all the teachers. A travel form also needs to be signed by the parents. Athletes must be in school on the day of the travel unless arrangements are made for an early departure. Students are responsible for all missed work. 

The Director of Athletics and the Business Office make the entire team’s travel arrangements. Price quotes are always requested for every trip and the most appropriate itinerary is chosen. The criteria (other than the price) by which the final decision on the purchase of the tickets is made, are:

  1. Special arrival and departure times requested by the host school athletic director, 
  2. Time for the athletes to unwind following a long journey, 
  3. Time to take advantage of the culture of the destination, 
  4. Compliance with school policy for absences.
  5. Hotel options are provided by the host schools and selection is based on availability.

Once tickets are issued and purchased (usually six days prior to the travel date, although each airline has its own timelines), the student-athlete is responsible for the payment of the ticket and hotel costs (or cancellation fee).

Late area school buses depart at 17:45 (unless special arrangements are made); prior notification will be given to students and parents if the departure time changes. Certain times the coaches may decide to have practice on Saturday and/or Sunday; in that case, arrangements are made with the athletes and plans for private transportation need to be made. Practices planned during the exam period and/or vacation are always OPTIONAL.