Philosophy of ACS Athens Athletics

ACS Athens Athletics Values


In accordance with the ACS Athens Mission Statement, the Athletic department’s intent is to provide students with athletic opportunities that will challenge them and will further develop each student's educational maturity. Athletics play an important role in the life of ACS Athens. The athletic program will always be in conformity with the general objectives of the school and at no time will the educational curriculum be placed in a secondary role. The fundamental principle of sports, particularly competitive athletics, is to augment the education of the young. Athletics should both promote and supplement the regular curriculum at the school. The athletic department’s concern is the personal development of each athlete. It is however necessary for the student who elects to participate in Athletics to understand that he/she is voluntarily making a choice of self-discipline, self-responsibility and commitment. Winning is considered important but the coaching and athletic department staff’s primary interest is the student athlete’s personal growth and emotional stability.
The ACS Athletic Department will make every attempt to instill in our student-athletes the following attitudes:

  • The competitive urge to excel;
  • The commitment to be the best that they can be;
  • The positive acceptance of official's decisions;
  • The love and respect for the sport;
  • The high sense of honor, duty and ethical character necessary for competitive sports;
  • The knowledge that participation is its own reward, special privileges for participants are not expected or condoned;
  • That participation and selection to the ACS Athens Athletics Programs is a PRIVILEGE, not a right;
  • That cooperative spirit towards all, teammates and opponents, is needed in a healthy community.