During an online "virtual lunch meeting," the ACS Athens Model United Nations recently came together to assign the teams, the countries, and the committees.
The ACS Athens Model United Nations provides a range of opportunities that present an exceptional educational experience for our students and give them a boost as they seek their selection for a “best fit” university.   
Opportunities include local and international conferences, each at a level of challenge that suits our students' relative experience—from the MUN beginners to those with vast experience.
These conferences also allow students to build their "resume" with MUN to achieve some of the highest leadership levels at these conferences, further attracting interest with many universities.  
This year, all Model United Nations Conferences are held virtually; nevertheless, all Delegates are very active in preparing.
The ACS MUN team is looking forward to the upcoming conferences!

This year's ACS Athens MUN team is comprised of the following students:

  • Angelika Sieti
  • Ann Marie Martinou
  • Anna Vitalioti
  • Ariadne Daskalaki
  • Arianna Pinna
  • Claudia Myers
  • Constantine Samarikas
  • Crystal Ge
  • Daphne Stamou
  • Elena Dimitriou
  • Eman Khurram
  • Emma Soulanticas
  • Evdoxia Mikropandremenou
  • George Pliakas
  • Ioannis Papadopoulos
  • Jack Breuhaus
  • Konstantinos Andriopoulos
  • Konstantinos Chasiotis
  • Lydia Gerontikos
  • Maria Giannopoulou
  • Michaela Gregoriou
  • Nefeli Macdonald
  • Sotiris Ploumbis
  • Thalia Kalai 
  • Tommaso Alocci
  • Vaios Koutis
  • Vasiliki Miliou
  • Yasmin Hatzis
  • Yun Zhang
  • Zicheng Zhang
  • Ziyue Zhang