The ACS Athens Activity Kick-Off day on Thursday, September 21, was nothing short of spectacular! Students from Middle, and High school gathered with excitement to sign up for a total of 46 clubs and activities.

This event showcased the remarkable diversity of interests within the ACS Athens community. From the globally oriented Model United Nations (MUN), the National Honor Society (NHS), and the adventurous Moon Challenge Camp in the Academy to captivating clubs like BioMimicry, Forensics, and Sewing for Purpose in the Middle School.

Participating in these clubs isn't merely an extracurricular activity; it's a gateway to holistic growth. At ACS Athens, we believe in nurturing students not just academically but also socially and personally. Joining clubs enriches their lives by fostering friendships, honing critical skills, and unlocking creative potential. 

As we move forward into the academic year, we encourage all ACS Athens students to seize this fantastic opportunity. Join a club, explore your passions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.