Papasifakis, Mark, Shotokan Karate, Grades 3-5

Mark Papasifakis is an ACS alumni who has studied Shotokan Karate since his teens while still a student at ACS. He was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt(1 Dan) by the Japan Karate Association and the Greek Karate Association. He attained the rank of 3rd Dan under the strict guidance and supervision of the Greek Karate Association where he remains currently active, training and further perfecting his skills.

His teacher and mentor, Sensei Dimitris Kazakeas, is the Chief Instructor of the Greek Karate Association. He will be supervising and visiting ACS on a regular basis during the academic year, assisting Mark and his students as they strive towards technical excellence and character building through the diligent study of Traditional Shotokan Karate.