Important Information

Important general information

Please read the below provided information carefully as several changes in the Tennis Academy operation were implemented.

  • Please read the registration confirmation carefully regarding “Starting Date”, training times and training days. Please do not send your child on any other day or time for tennis training than mentioned on the registration confirmation document.
  • The starting time and duration of the first tennis lesson (right after school) changed to 3.45pm (before 4pm) and lasts for 60 min(before 45min) until 4.45pm.This change was implemented to provide more time for additional tennis skill development during this training unit. Lesson fees changed according to the longer duration of the concerning training unit.
  • Throughout the first 1-2 weeks the coaches will evaluate the training groups regarding group/level constellations and will suggest changes if necessary.
  • Each student needs to have their own tennis racket. Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1,2grade tennis rackets will (if needed) be provided only for the first week! The tennis coaches will recommend a racket if your child doesn’t own one yet.
  • The Elementary school teachers are informed about the children having tennis training, their training days and times.
  • A recent medical certificate that will clear the child / adult of any medical conditions is needed at the onset of the program (to be submitted online together with the registration request).
  • ACS ATHENS Tennis Academy daily sessions take place for children RAIN or SHINE! The ACS Athens Tennis Academy provides alternative tennis lessons on rainy days for the students; Indoor Mini-tennis, Video analyses, general and tennis-specific condition/coordination training will be part of more general training.
  • The immediate cancellation of further participation in tennis lessons concerning an active season is not possible. Members can cancel their participation only for upcoming seasons by submitting an online cancellation form two weeks prior to the new season being about to start. If a participant wishes to cancel an upcoming season, a cancellation form must be submitted ( ACS Athens Web page - Athletics - Tennis Academy - Cancellation). Otherwise, the new season will be fully charged.

  • Only in case of injury or longer illness (two weeks and longer) of a member participating in group lessons, concerning lessons will be kept as over hours and a doctor’s note must be provided to the Tennis Academy. Missed training lessons by members due to personal reasons are not considered and no over hours will be kept.

  • Canceled adult training lessons (due to bad weather, private or group, will be kept as "Over hours" and can be re-scheduled during other available time slots in the week; in such cases, the tennis coaches will communicate to find a mutually agreed day and time.
  • “Over hours” are played in addition to the regular training schedule! All official school/ACS Athens tennis academy holidays and weekends can be used as make-up days.Further cancellation of the make-up days by the member, will lead to the loss of the lesson. 
  • Private tennis training lessons can be canceled until 5pm of the day prior to the actual lesson date; they cannot be canceled more than four times during a season and additional cancelations will result in being fully charged and the Athens Tennis Academy has the right to reconsider future training schedules.

ACS students meeting points for the first session of tennis (3:45-4:45pm):

  • JK - KG: Students will be picked up by one of our coaches from their classrooms right after school ends and will be escorted to the tennis courts.
  • Grades 1-5: Students must come to the Tennis office and line up in front of the grade sign that they will see on the perimeter of the office walls.  Then they will walk to the tennis courts by grade level by the coach (es).
  • Any student (Grades 5,6,7,8 and Academy) involved in the second session of tennis (4:45-5:45) must report to the Learning Commons (MS/Academy Library)or Athletic Office and use the time for homework or quiet reading.  Students will be seated in grade level areas. At 4:40 they will be dismissed to go to the tennis courts

PICK UP areas: Parents must be at the parking lot waiting for their children; please be on time so that the coach(es) escorting the students out, can return to start the next lesson.

Payment procedures:

  • Once the schedule is determined, the cost of the activity MUST be paid for ACS students at the cashier’s office (during school hours) or via web banking (ACS Athens student account) or credit card, and for NON-ACS via web banking (NON-ACS tennis members account) or credit card. Payment details are mentioned on the registration confirmation which will be sent to you after your request was processed and the training schedule is established.

    Click here for the bank information.

  • Three separate payment notices will be provided to the members; the cost is based on the number of participants in the group and the number of training days in each season. 

  • The final cost for the High-Performance Athlete Program will be determined once the exact individual training plan is finalized – this is a "custom-made" program. 

  • Dates of closure are excluded from the individual season fees.

  • Payment must be done within the first week of each tennis session or a week after the starting date (for members registering in mid season); if this does not happen, the Tennis Academy has the right to make the spot available to any “waiting list” members. Returning members with outstanding fees will not be able to register.
  • Any changes in the training schedule MUST be requested, discussed, and confirmed by Mr. Schoenefeld.
  • Returning members with outstanding fees will not be able to register.