High-Performance Athlete Program

Our individually prepared training plans for skilled participants are reviewed and adjusted every four months, ensuring the highest possible level of skill growth. In addition to the technical and tactical skill development, emphasis is also on placed on the coordination, conditioning and psychological components of the athlete’s profile.

Key Elements of the High Performance Athlete Program

  • Intensive weekly training  (5-25 hours /week, depending on individual’s needs
  • Sport specific intensive training (ex:  2-6 hours/week footwork and fitness training) possible.
  • Individualized Athlete Portfolio with comprehensive information.
    • Individualized tennis and fitness training plans
    • Individual Micro, Meso, Macro training planning
    • Video analysis
    • Annual Tournament planning
    • Match and statistics analyses (with app)
    • Physiological based general athlete evaluation
    • Daily training evaluation done by coaches and HP Athletes
    • Tennis specific swimming work out plan
    • Nutrition planning (on request and extra cost)
  • Match tactics training
  • Mental / Visual training components