Journey to French Culture and Civilization

for students entering grades 6-12

A course for students entering grades 7-12

Parlez-vous Français?

Have you ever thought how much French culture has changed the way we see the world today? What is le savoir vivre? This is a French course for learners who have completed at least two-three years of French. The four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – are expanded to a more advanced level through French culture and civilization in and out of class.  Students are engaged in projects and inspiring activities all connected with French culture and civilization.  French music, theater, arts and culture are introduced at every opportunity.   This course requires analytical thinking and use of the French language. Themes such as family, racism, civilization, technology, leisure, sports, health and everyday’s life are discussed.  Don’t miss this course! (This course fulfills 0.5 ACS Athens graduation requirement as an elective).

When: Monday to Friday / Hours: TBD

Cost: 400 euros

Minimum enrollment: 5 students. Maximum enrollment: 15 students.

Course Instructor: Dr. Tonia Fyrigou, ACS Athens Faculty