Dogs in Learning (DiL)

All NEW Early Childhood Dogs in Learning Program

~ Never too little to make a difference! ~

The Early Childhood Dogs in Learning Program entails indoor and outdoor sessions once per week for PJ-2nd grade. The program focuses on developing Conscious Citizenship, reading, and writing skills. 

This program blends to meet both the social and emotional needs of our students as well as encourage literacy with dogs, inspiring children to take risks in their reading and being the muse in their writing. Learning to work with a dog improves students’ self-esteem as they see their dog respond to their requests, thus providing a tangible experience in leadership and empowering students to become accountable decision-makers in all areas of life. Enabling students to care for, work with and train a dog helps them to realize that every action has a consequence regardless of who they are or how old they are.

Having the opportunity to work with professionally trained dogs under the supervision of canine behaviorists and faculty here at ACS Athens helps focus, channel, and connect positive energy and memories for the school year and beyond. Early Childhood students are becoming architects of their own learning, becoming self-aware, conscious citizens already on their way to improving life and living on our planet.