IB Admissions Procedure

How to get admitted in IB

Entrance into the Full Diploma Program at ACS Athens is competitive, and students apply in the spring of their sophomore (10th grade) year.

  • Submission of the IB Application in pdf format.

    Application to the IBDP for the 2024/25 Academic Year 

Admission to the IB Diploma Program at ACS Athens

1. Conditions for admission to the IB Diploma Program (IBDP)

To be admitted to the IB Diploma Program

  • You must have no grade lower than a C in each of the grade 10 subjects of English, Math, Science (Chemistry or Physics), History and a language other than English. (The grade in Biology 9 may also be used for those interested in IB Biology.)
  • You must not have many missing assignments from your Grade 10 courses (5 in a Quarter).
  • You must have no serious discipline/academic integrity issues in grade 10.
  • You must complete a 300 – 500 word personal statement in which you will explain how you will benefit from the IB program and how this program will help you achieve your University goals.
  • A recommendation from your grade 10 teachers.

2. Conditional admission

If you do not meet these requirements (see item 3 as to what exactly this means) and you still wish to be admitted to the IBDP then you may be offered a conditional admission after a review of your case by the IBDC.

The progress of all IB students, including those admitted conditionally, will be evaluated at the end of the first semester of year 1. You will receive IB grades on a scale of 1-7. See item 5 about how the IB grade will be calculated. If

  • these grades add up to 24 points or more
  • you do not have any grades of 1 or 2
  • you have at most one grade 3

then you will be allowed to continue in the program.

3. What does failing the requirements mean?

This means not meeting the grade 10 requirements by half a grade i.e. having a C- in one or more courses. There will be exceptional cases such as for example a student who is very good in humanities but weak in math or science with grades that might be lower even than a C- in these subjects. These exceptional cases will be dealt with on an individual basis and may result in a conditional acceptance.

4. Transition from year 1 to year 2 of the program

You will have received an IB grade of 1-7 based on the work of year 1 and the final exam in June. To enter year 2 you must have

  • a total minimum grade of 24 points for the 6 courses you have taken
  • no grades of 1 or 2 in any subject
  • you have at most one grade 3
  • for the courses selected at Higher level your grade must be 4 or higher
  • a 2500 word EE draft by the first week of September

Failure to do so means an automatic exit from the IB Diploma program.

5. Calculation of the IB grade

The IB grade on a scale of 1 - 7 will be calculated as follows: each IB subject will create grade boundaries based on the average of IB subject reports based on the last few years. These boundaries change slightly from year to year which is why an average is taken. Your end of year percentage grade will then be converted to a 1 - 7 grade based on the grade boundaries of your subject. These will be different from subject to subject. The conversion of ACS percentage grades to an IB grade as described occurs three times, at the end of the first semester of year 1, at the end of year 1 and at the end of the first quarter of year 2.

6. IB prediction in October of year 2

There will be one major assessment in September of year 2 in all subjects. This applies to all students. This means that the summer between years 1 and 2 must be spent preparing for this assessment as well as working on the EE and, depending on the subject, IA's. The grade of this test will be used along with the year 1 grade to determine the preliminary IB prediction (80% year 1 20% September/October test). This will be a 1 - 7 grade calculated based on subject report grade boundaries.

7. Selecting your courses

You must select a total of 6 courses 3 at SL and 3 at HL (in exceptional cases you may select 2 at SL and 4 at HL) from the table below. You must choose one course from each of groups 1 - 5 and then an additional course from any group (1 - 6). Your choice must reflect your University studies. Now is the time to contact Universities to see if the courses you are selecting are consistent with entry requirements at the Universities of your choice. You should indicate the level (SL or HL) at which you wish to take any one class but bear in mind that the final selection of level is made at the end of the first year of the IBDP.

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