IB Program Examinations and Schedules

August 2021

  Morning – 9.00 a.m. Afternoon – 13.00 p.m.
Wednesday, August 25 Math AA HL&SL P1
Math AI HL&SL P1
Business Management
Thursday, August 26 Math AA HL&SL P2
Math AI HL&SL P2
Spanish Ab Initio
Friday, August 27 English Lit
English L&L
Monday, August 30 ESS
Computer Science




Mock Exams - June 2021




Dear IB Parents and Students,

All students registered to take IB exams in May 2022 will sit for the 2021 IB Mock Exams, starting June 2 through June 18, 2021. Mock examinations aim to assess student learning on the syllabus covered up to this period and to familiarize them with the procedures of the formal examinations.

The IB mock exam schedule attached includes all IB subjects with the exception of Visual Arts and Theatre that have non-written exams. It resembles the official May IB exams as closely as possible and provides a make-up exam day for those who happen to be ill during the exams. It should be noted however that the make-up exam option is not available for the formal examinations. If a student is ill during the May exams the next available option for a retake is the IB November examination session. Further, please be reminded that a Doctor's Note is required prior to sitting for the make-up exams.

The IB Mock exams are held concurrently with the ACS Athens Academy exams which might create some scheduling conflicts for the IB Diploma Course students. Please note that, when a conflict exists with an Academy exam, alternative date arrangements will be made for the student to take his/her non-IB exam. The students who have such a conflict in their exam-taking schedules will be receiving a Mock Exam Conflict schedule.

Parents of IB students (Diploma and Course candidates) please read carefully the files below:

  • IB May 2022 Exam Schedule

    May 2022 IB Exam Schedule

  • IB Mock Exam Schedule June 2021

    IB Mock Exam Schedule June 2021

  • IB Conduct of Examinations: Students are responsible to follow all required procedures for the IB examinations. Please read the Code of Conduct carefully.

    Conduct of Examinations Booklet 2021

  • IB Use of Calculators (2 files): The use of a calculator is allowed for certain IB examinations provided that the attached policy is followed. Please review the IB Calculator policy.

    Calculators Guidance for Examinations Booklet 2021

    Use of Calculators in Examinations 2021

  • IB Conditions of use of GDCs in examinations: Please review the conditions of use Graphic display calculator (GDC) models that are recommended for all subjects.

    Conditions of Use of GDcs in Examinations 2021


May 2022 Exam / Rules and Guidelines

All IB students must register with the IBO in order to be eligible to sit for their exams in May.

The registration process is completed between October and November for a May examination session. Specific dates and deadlines are found in the student fees form included in each year's IB exam registration pack emailed to students and parents. The cost of new registrations or amendments made after specified IBO deadlines rise considerably.

Resources for Candidates

  • Academic Honesty in the Diploma Programme

  • Answer Booklet Guide


  • Examination Session Stationery


  • Items Not Permitted

  • Language Acquisition Listening Comprehension Examinations

  • Notice to Candidates

  • Request for an Individual Candidate to Move to the Non-Exam Route