The Institute of ACS Athens is an independent organization under the umbrella of ACS Athens educational institute, aligned with the same fundamental values. The  ACS Athens IIC develops innovative programs that offer unique educational experiences as well as personal and professional growth opportunities for students, faculty, and community. These opportunities are shaped through collaborations with reliable and renowned partners from the academic, K-12, and business sectors.

Starting in 2019, the Institute of ACS Athens further expands its portfolio of activities to provide online high school courses, leadership programs for students and adults, and online undergraduate courses.

Within this scope, the Insitute has signed an agreement with Widener University (Chester, PA) to develop collaboration on three levels: Undergraduate, Masters and  Doctoral. This partnership will benefit students of both institutions, offer professional development opportunities to educators, and promote innovation in leading educational fields.

Existing online undergraduate college-level courses at Widener University will be offered to qualified students from ACS Athens and the wider community at a discounted tuition cost.

The expertise of ACS Athens faculty will be integrated into a new Master’s program at Widener University: qualified ACS Athens faculty will teach the new hybrid Master of Education course in K-12 Educational Leadership with a focus on international schools leadership, offered by Widener University. The courses will take place online and face-to-face during the summer months at ACS Athens campus.

Within the same graduate framework, ACS Athens faculty will be selected to teach on a  Doctoral program in K-12 Educational Leadership with a focus on international schools leadership. The selected professionals will teach online and face-to-face classes.

Both specialized programs of Master’s and Doctoral courses will be communicated in detail during the 2019-20 academic year so that the student selection will be finalized by April 2020.

The Agreement between the Institute of ACS Athens and Widener University enhances the dialogue between K-12 and higher education while bringing innovative, high-quality courses that focus on K-12 educators as leaders within international schools. These strategically designed courses will be taught by experienced educators to effectively reach the goal of the two institutions: to cultivate agile professionals in education who will educate and inspire future generations.