Today's episode of the Owlcast is about inclusion in Languages. Learning English as a Foreign or Second Language can be a daunting premise for many students coming to the English language curriculum. As our guest today suggests, the key to integrating foreign language learners in the international school system is to create a supportive and inclusive environment that embraces and respects everyone by recognizing and valuing the unique skills and perspectives these students bring to the classroom. Dr. Jenny Grigoropoulou, is the ESL/EFL K-12 Coordinator of ACS Athens. She has been part of the ACS Athens team of educators since 2011 and has taught ESL in Middle School and Elementary School to non-native English speakers. Overall, she has been an ESL educator for 35 years.   

With Dr. Grigoropoulou, today we discuss:  

  • Why someone with love of the language choose to teach it as a second one;
  • Teaching language to someone who faces much bigger challenges than learning English;
  • Trust, as the key to learning;
  • Approaching and convincing parents who are apprehensive about the idea of learning in a different language;
  • Thinking or dreaming in English as a sign of language proficiency;
  • The role of the environment in helping students open up to learning;
  • Lesson planning on the spot: The effective spontaneity of learning;
  • AND Utilising AI in the classroom: The benefits for the language learners.

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