The Theater building complex includes:

Technical Equipment & Operations

View documentation regarding technical details such as Seating Plan, Lighting, Measurements here.

Accommodations include:

  • Conferences and meetings
  • Exhibitions
  • Television and cinematographic productions
  • Recordings
  • Press conferences
  • Receptions 
  • Classical and modern music concerts
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Dance Performances
  • Multi-spectacles
  • Banquets


  • Organization and production of exhibitions
  • Secretarial Staff
  • Technical personnel
    • Light and sound engineers
    • Stage crew
    • Stage management
    • House Man
    • Curation of exhibitions 
    • Stage Construction
    • Rental and operation of additional audio-visual equipment

Main Hall - Theater

A 530-seat theater with adjunct lobby, atrium and exhibition area.  The hall is a beautiful, well-designed and modern theater, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, sound and stage machinery.

The theater can accommodate all kinds of events, and performances: dance, music, theater, conferences, etc. 


The theater also provides the following:

  • Two translator cabins.
  • Two group and three individual dressing rooms equipped with WC and showers.
  • Two multiple purpose rooms - for tests, parallel conferences etc – with a 40 people capacity.
  • Complete intercom system
  • Complete announcement system, separated in zones, in the main room, the dressing rooms, the lobby and the atrium.
  • Easy lorry access for loading-unloading by the stage.
  • Air-conditioning

Technical Equipment & Operations

The Theater's equipment includes:

  • Complete audio system consisting of suspended McCauley speakers and Midas Verona desk positioned inside the control room.   Permanent cabling for optional Front of House and Monitor desks as well as cabling for mobile recording studios
  • Complete theatrical light equipment provided by ETC
  • Panasonic data projector HD, 8.500 ANSI lumen

Below you may view the stage and seating plans:

List of Equipment


  • PA Mc Cauley:
    • 1 N60 on each side
    • 2 N90 on each side
    • 1 N120 on each side
    • 2 NS1 on each side
    • 4 Monitor Mc Cauley 10”, AC 90-1.
    • 4 Monitor Mc Cauley 12”, SM 92-1.
    • Mc Cauley processors and Lab Grupen amplifiers
    • Splitter 48ch with multi in the FOH position, stage position and availability for mobile recording studio or OB Van.
    • Midas M32 Digital Mixer, placed in the Control Room.
  • Microphones:
    • 2 AKG C451B
    • 3 AKG C568B
    • 2 AKG C3000 B-BE
    • 5 AKG GN50E CK31
    • 3 AKG HM 1000 CK32
    • 4 AKG D3800M
    • 1 SHURE AD4Q Wireless Receiver
    • 2 SHURE AD2/B58A Handheld Wireless Transmitters
    • 2 SHURE AD1 Bodypack Transmitter w. DPA dFine 6066 headsets
    • 1 SHURE SM 58
    • 2 SHURE beta 58
    • 5 DI Klark Technic
    • 10 t.bone Ovid System CC100 microphones with a variety of instrument clips
  • Peripherals:
    • 1 EQ 2316 LA Audio
    • 1 Quad Auto Compressor LA Audio C400
    • 10 mic stands
    • TC Electronic Effects Processor M 2000
    • 2 Neumann KH120A studio monitors
    • Mini disc Tascam MD-350
    • Cd Player Tascam CD-450

Audiovisual equipment

  • Full backstage Public Address System
  • 2 Channel Intercom System ASL
  • Projector Panasonic PT-DZ870, 8500 ANSI lumen.
  • Matrix Router 8x8 TVone MX5288
  • Motorized Screen 5.90m width x 4.40m height
  • Screen: 8m x 7m suitable for projection or cyclorama
  • DVD Recorder SONY RDR-HX950
  • 2 monitors Phillips LTC, 14’’

Lighting equipment

Dimmers: 7x24 channel Robert Juliat TIVOLI B24 Digital 16 amps/channel

Console: ETC Express 48/96 version 3.1


  • 26 x ETC Source 4 750W Zoom 25o-50o
  • 10 x ETC Source 4 750W Zoom 15o-30o
  • 28 x PARcans 64 long
  • 25 x ETC Source 4 PARNel with barndoors.
  • 9 x Thomas 1 KW Cyc-lite D1004P (4 cell).
  • 1 x Robert Juliat TOPAZE 1200MSR Follow Spot


Dimmensions :10.7m x 9m rectangular stage with vault shaped proscenium and elevated orchestra pit in front. Stage height is 6m.

Floor: levelled wooden dance floor covered with black linoleum.


  • 15 x flying bars, behind house curtain.
  • 3 x flying bars above proscenium.
  • 2 x side flying bars (panoramas).
  • 2 x triangular trusses in FOH above seats.

    All fully motorized, remote controled. Working height 0-9m, WLL 250Kg: 8 x Boom stands.

Attention: all flying bars are 0 60mm.

Risers: 20, 2m x 1m Butec,

2, 1m x 1m Butec,

fixed leg heights 20, 40, 60, 80cm

Dressing Rooms Auxiliary Rooms

  • 2x 6 persons with no WC
  • 3x single dressing rooms with own WC and shower
  • One rehearsal room 5m x 8m, with wooden floor and mirrors
  • One conference room 5m x 8m


Luxurious and air-conditioned lobby with an area of 350 sq.m. with an organized reception, cloak room, office, WC facilities, canteen as well as independent audio installation.

It is situated between the atrium and the theater.

The Lobby Facilitates:

  • Conferences and meetings
  • Exhibitions
  • Press conferences
  • Receptions


The lobby is complemented by an independent and fully-air-conditioned atrium area of 200 sq.m.

The Atrium facilitates:

  • Hosting of catering services
  • Coffee breaks
  • Receptions
  • Exhibitions

The area outside of the Atrium can be used as an additional court area for your events.

Parking Areas

The Theater at ACS Athens provides ample, free, secure Parking during its events, at:

  • The parking area just before the main gate of ACS Athens
  • The Elementary School playground area inside ACS Athens