Full-time Youth-to-Youth program

The full-time program started in September 2018 and is offered to 18 unaccompanied minors, 4 girls and 14 boys, who received the Shapiro Foundation scholarships through The HOME Project Organization.

The program consists of two cohorts that follow courses designed specifically for the program. Full-time students depending on their academic skills have the choice to enroll in regular ACS Athens courses. Faculty follows the Youth-to-Youth teaching methodology implemented by ACS Athens faculty and students in the Part-time Youth-to-Youth Program.

Full-time Program Details:

The program is designed to provide and develop academic learning, social integration and wellness. It has in place a specially designed program for two cohorts, and a gradual inclusion model to the educational technology applied to ACS Athens course as well as inclusion to ACS Athens regular courses.

The two cohorts follow a Grade 9 curriculum adapted to their needs. The curriculum includes the following courses:

  • English 9 with emphasis on reading and writing and oral skills
  • English ESL 1&2 with emphasis on language development
  • Integrated Math; year-long course
  • Greek 9 with emphasis on writing and oral skills
  • Natural science; semester course
  • Sociology; year-long course
  • History with emphasis on European History; year-long course
  • Interdisciplinary activities which includes a music therapy class and visual arts; semester course
  • Mindfulness class combined with Physical activities with focus on wellness; year-long course

All courses follow a combination of formative and summative assessments which include semester exams. 

For the 2018-19 academic year, 6 students have been enrolled in ACS Athens courses: Biology 9, ESL 5, and computers. Based on semester exams and overall performance, 5 additional students will be enrolled in ACS Athens courses. 

All students follow their Moodle® course management system as well as their progress on Skyward® student management system. Home Project professionals are also trained to follow both Moodle and Skyward in order to support and monitor the students in keeping up with their school work

The full-time Youth-to-Youth program students are encouraged to participate in school clubs and athletic activities. Three students participate in school clubs and six students participate in athletic teams. Students take part in all school celebrations and assemblies and have developed friendships with ACS Athens students. 

In order to best support the students, HOME Project psychologists regularly consult with the ACS Athens faculty involved in the program.