Martines, Michela, Elementary Optimal Learning Program Specialist

Michela Martines holds dual citizenship from Italy and Norway. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Sussex. For her academic achievements, she received a full scholarship to complete her Master's degree from the same university in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health. She is currently continuing her studies and is in her final year of a four-year training and supervision program in Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy specializing with children, adolescents, parents and educators at the Hellenic Institute for RECBT. Last year, she participated in the course “Online Learning and Support for Students with Special Needs” through Moreland University in order to gain further knowledge on how to best support students during virtual learning. Ms. Martines also holds an ECIS Level 2 Certificate in Child Protection. 

Ms. Martines has been a member of the ACS Athens community since 2017. She has effectively held different positions at ACS Athens and in OLP.  She has supported students across all schools and has worked closely with teachers in order to promote inclusive practices in the mainstream classroom. She is excited to be back in the Elementary School in her new role as Elementary OLP Specialist.